Even though we’re moving to level 4 soon, we’re not using our cars as much as we usually do, they’re just standing around.

So, how do we keep our vehicles in good, running conditions during this COVID-19 lockdown? And what you need to know if you have to submit an insurance claim during this time. 

We’ll be answering all these questions in this article.

Maintain your Car 

While your car is just sitting around – like you are – it’s essential to do some maintenance activities to ensure it’s ready to go when the lockdown is over.

Keep your Car Battery Charged

The battery will discharge slowly if your car is not started regularly. So, start your car at least once a week and keep it running for around 15 minutes. This allows the alternator to charge the battery. 

You can also disconnect the battery’s negative terminal to prevent discharge. 

Move your car

When you start your car weekly, use other systems such as the air conditioner as well. While it is not advised to drive around, at least pull your car out of and back in your yard to prevent flat spots on your tyres. 

Keep it clean inside and out! 

You’re probably not doing much, use this time to give your car a full interior clean, including vacuuming the carpets. And if you have the materials accessible, disinfect the interior as well. 

If you do need to drive somewhere, keep your hands clean before and after you do so to avoid the possibility of contamination. 

Dirt, bugs, bird droppings are going to accumulate on your vehicle, especially if it’s standing outdoors. All of these can cause damage to the paint job. Wash and dry your car and protect your car with a cover if possible.

You can prevent damage to your vehicle by taking care of it and following these steps.