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First International Portfolio Managers (FIPM) was registered in 1945, and is an authorised Financial Service Provider since 23 December 2004.

FIPM is a “one stop hub” having strong relationships with top rated quality local and international acting Insurance Companies.

We cater for specific insurance needs, such as our unique Fruit Export Cover for perishable goods, as well as various other Short Term insurance needs, such as: 

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Marine/Transportation
  • General and Specific Liability products
  • Motor and Motor fleet products

Our teams are highly skilled, maintaining their levels of expertise constantly. All the years of experience combined with the continuation of expanding our knowledge, provides a rich source of expertise from which any prospect client will benefit.

Our services to the public are driven by our passion to present clients with customized solutions tailored to their needs.

We pride ourselves in our client’s satisfaction, resulting in referrals and numerous feedback of great services rendered.

FIPM’s state of the art technology avails it’s services to the clients at a click of a button.

Call today. First International Portfolio Managers (FIPM) always walks the extra mile for any client.

An Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP No.16438

Lombardy Business Park,

Corner Cole and Graham Road,

Silver Lakes, 0054

T: 012 809 1062 / 082 670 7445

E: info@fipm.co.za



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